Apple products

  • Apple TVs playing the latest movies 
  • iPad media bar
  • Complimentary computers and iPads for parents
  • Free wifi



parent relaxation

Enjoy a chair massage in our parent and child friendly reception area.




Digital X-rays

The best imaging combined with the lowest radiation in the industry.  Radiation is measured in mrem (millirems).  

  • 0.1 mrem = one digital dental x-ray!

  • 0.5 mrem = one regular dental x-ray

  • 1 mrem = two hours in a jet plane

  • 10 mrem/year = cooking with natural gas

  • 36 mrem/year = from smoking one pack of cigarettes a day

  • 42 mrem = breast mammogram per breast

  • 700 mrem = abdominal x-ray

  • 1,000 mrem = abdominal CT scan

For more information about digital x-ray safety click here.

A higher standard of care

At Sunrise all of our sterilization procedures and equipment are state of the art. We hold ourselves to the standards usually reserved for large hospitals. 

hydrim instrument washer